Eat + Play


Our menu is designed specifically to pair perfectly with your night out at MIDWAY. This is not your Grandpa’s Bar Food. So make sure to split a Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich, indulge in our signature Mumbo Jumbo Fries , covet some Nutella Stuffed Mini Donuts, or keep it classic with an end of the night Coney Island Hot Dog. We got you covered to for a pre-concert dinner, midnight snack or something for the ride home.



At MIDWAY we believe in bringing people together. Whether its through an incredible live concert, ice cold beer, a circle on the dance floor or a good old fashioned game. Circle up the crew and indulge in the roll of a skee ball, toss of a basketball, tap of a pinball flipper or a go around the track on Mario Cart! Our curated mix of interactive games and arcade classics has something for everyone.




Analog or Digital — we are sporting the some of the most vintage retro table top, bubble-top, arcade games up to the most modern first person shooters and ride’em racers of the 2000’s. Tongue tied with that special someone or good-lookin’ stranger? Try something you might actually be good at and let your thumbs do the talking! Throw out a challenge and see who hits you up.